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SmartLF Ci 40 large format scanner
A0/E size for technical documents and maps

SmartLF Ci 40 A0/E size scanner is the fourth generation Colortrac CIS large format scanner designed from the outset to be the most affordable, cost effective and portable 40" technical document scanner on the market.

The innovative design with its unique front load, front exit media path, small footprint and low weight make desktop or wall mounted operation a practical reality. What makes the SmartLF Ci 40 remarkable is that affordability does not compromise performance. Fast and accurate, this large format scanner offers easy, face-up, instant-on scanning and copying to network workstations and printers.

SmartLF Ci 40 wide format scanner provides professional A0 or Architectural E-size scan and print productivity at the touch of a button. Supplied with SmartWorks EZ monochrome, greyscale or colour scan and copy software, you can quickly and easily scan to file, email (PDF) or any printer. Its high definition optical resolution will capture the finest details of all your technical drawings and maps with an unrivalled combination of sharpness, accuracy and bright colours.


Scanner Model Image
Max. Media
Resolution (dpi)
Scan speed
Colour Mono
Ci 40 m










*Scan speed is measured at 200dpi.  The scan rate is proportional across the full range of resolutions supported by the scanner.  Actual scan times will depend on host system performance.  Quoted top speeds may be limited by the effective bandwidth of the USB2 or Ethernet interfaces= and are not guaranteed for all media types.

Important: Please read Colortrac minimum PC specification for SmartLF Ci, SC and Gx+ scanners.

Key Features

SmartLF Ci 40 large format scanners use 4th generation CIS technology

  • Creates sharp, accurate scans especially suited to technical documents like CAD drawings, blueprints, maps etc.

  • Unique single roller paper transport, Advanced Single Roller Paper Transport (ASPRT) and bright bi-directional LED illumination means that even folded documents scan sharp and shadow free.

  • 600 dpi optical resolution - more than enough for any technical scanning job.

  • Ready for use within seconds of power on - no warm-up, no waiting. Switch off when not in use.

  • Fast 10 ips mono and 3.3 ips colour scanning.

  • Network ready - use fast Ethernet 1000 connectivity or Plug'n'Play USB2.

  • Preserves delicate originals - even scans newspaper!

  • Scans face up with unique front exit path for easy document retrieval.

  • Compact and portable - just 49 lbs (22 kg), the lightest large format scanner available today.

  • Environmentally friendly - RoHS compliant, ENERGY STAR® qualified, contains recycle friendly components.

  • Low cost to buy, economic to run, low maintenance.

  • Three upgradeable models: m (monochrome), c (colour) and e (express colour) - buy what you need when you need it and upgrade by email.

  • Includes simple to use SmartWorks EZ software - scans to PDF, TIFF or JPG formats and makes copies of your documents to any Windows printer.

  • Works direct with any Windows based software supporting Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) or Still Image Interface (STI).

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Please read the PC minimum specification for Cx, Ci and Gx+ scanners - Colortrac PC system requirements.

Product Brochures

SmartLF Ci40 brochure (PDF) SmartLF Ci40 brochure (PDF) SmartLF Ci40 brochure (PDF) SmartLF Ci40 brochure (PDF)
Read more SmartLF Ci 40 brochure ( 777 kb)

SmartLF Ci40 technical specification (PDF)  SmartLF Ci40 technical specification (PDF)
Read more SmartLF Ci 40 options & full technical specification ( 723 kb)

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