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ST ViewScan III Microfilm Scanner

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You have found your Microfilm Reader/Printer Replacement

The ST ViewScan III Microfilm Scanner

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The Award Winning ST ViewScan III represents over 10 years of evolution in microfilm scanning technology. Discover why the ST ViewScan III, with an industry leading 14 megapixel colour image sensor is the perfect replacement for your old microfilm reader/printer.

ST ViewScan III makes history come alive and turns your archives into a more dynamic, accessible and user-friendly resource that draws patrons to your library. Bring your microfilm collection into the digital world with the ST ViewScan III.

ViewScan III is available in five models:

7MP Mono Universal (FICHE AND ROLL)
14MP Colour Universal (FICHE AND ROLL)
14MP Colour Universal with 3M Cartridge (FICHE, ROLL and 3M CARTRIDGE)
ViewScan Basic software is supplied with the scanner.
The software may be upgraded to the more capable ViewScan Premium software.

Three user modes delivers faster researching

Patrons wanting to access the film archives come with widely differing skill sets, which is why the ST ViewScan system provides three popular modes of operation that you can customize for their needs, Simple, Standard and Advanced.
The result is happy patrons and less time spent training users on how to use the system.

Two resolutions to suit your budget

The ViewScan III from ST Imaging is available with a choice of camera's to suit your budget.
All cameras use a USB3 connection for fast data transfer.
The ST ViewScan III is capable of creating crisp and clear high resolution images from your microfilm collection

  • ViewScan III-7 = 7MP Mono Fiche only or Universal (Roll and Fiche) model
  • ViewScan III-14 = TRUE 14MP Colour models available as Fiche only, Universal (Roll and Fiche) and 3M models.

Share your results

Easily print, save to a USB, Google Drive, DropBox or email directly from the ST Premium Software.
Librarians will appreciate the ability to directly fulfil interlibrary loan requests using OCLC’s ILLiad and Odyssey service for inter library loan from within the ST Premium Software.The ST ViewScan III also allows genealogists to save directly to their FamilySearch account.

ST Cruise Control and Rapid Advance and Scan

The ST ViewScan III system will automatically advance the film one page at a time and scan each frame, enhance, crop and save the images.
ST Cruise Control will quickly capture a specific range of images or the entire roll - requires ST Premium software.
Rapid Advance View and Scan allows the user to quickly enter in the number of frames they would like the scanner to advance or reverse and the ST ViewScan II will automatically arrive at that location on the roll of film.

ST OCR Searchable text tools

World class OCR – Optical Character Recognition – is delivered with the ST OCR Searchable Text Tools.
Use these tools to convert a page at a time to searchable text while viewing the microfilm, or to convert to a searchable PDF document.

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