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BookDrive N


Flat double-page scanner up to over A2 size

One camera scan with high resolution image is instantaneous regardless of page size.

bookdrive n

BookDrive N is a performance double-page spread scanner for when you need scan double page spreads in bound content such as books, magazines or even maps.

Scanning with a high resolution image sensor is instantaneous regardless of page size.

The proprietary cold LED lighting on both the front and rear of machine ensures your images have even brightness across the surface with no glare even on glossy materials.

As large as A2

BookDrive N max page size support is 16.5 x 24.2 inches (42 x 16.5 cm) so it can easily scan materials as large as A2 Quite handy when you want to scan things like large maps.

Vertical-moving glass for thick materials

Instead of having a rotating point, the glass of BookDrive N can be freely moved vertically to provide a nice flattening effect on both thin materials such as a sheet of paper as well as thick, old books equally well.

Adjustable cradle

The adjustable cradle has mechanism inside to support and protect the bindings of your books as well as provide the flattening effect for both sides of the page.

Ergonomic design from Atiz

Designed to be an ergonomic equipment, BookDrive N is comfortable for use over a long period.

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