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Powerful MFP solutions - for all large-format pValueBundlerinters
or use standalone as a powerful scanning solution.

Scan to File, Scan to Print or Scan to CopyWhyContex

An MFP Repro solution from Contex can turn new and existing printers into copiers.SMALLIQQuattro44ScanStationPRO with HighStand andHP
They give you the small footprint you need without compromising on performance and versatility.
You can even add all you wideformat printers in Nextimage and turn all into copiers at no additional cost.

The MFP Repro includes the IQ Quattro X 44 & 36- inch  A0+ scanner with a HIGH or LOW Stand with 21.5" touch monitor and Nextimage Repro software for a powerful solution.

Even if you are just looking for a cost effective scan solution the MFP Repro can fulfill your needs.

With the HIGH stand included you have a compact single footprint.
With the LOW stand you get a paper catcher for a side by side solution.
These solutions include a 21.5-inch touch monitor and full Repro software - just add a PC.

For when more colour performance is required then refer to the ScanStation Pro solutions.Contex Windows11

IQ Quattro 44 ScanStation

36-inch & 44-inch Solutions for any environment

We have solutions for any environment – from occasional walk-up scanning , printing and copying in the office, to high-volume operator-driven services in reprographics departments, copy shops and printing and scanning service centres.

Contex full-featured MFP Repro solutions for scanning, copying, sharing and enhancing. You get outstanding image quality, with real-time view of enhancements and automatic cleanup of faded, dirty, or poorly shaded documents.

Built-in workgroup collaboration capabilities mean anyone can scan to email, scan to folder, and share the scanner with others on your LAN or with some models via Gigabit Ethernet.

The Contex MFP Repro bundles include a scanner, intuitive Nextimage REPRO software for scan + copy and a new IQ stand to fit even more printers.IQQ36MFPReproCanon.jpg

Full featured Nextimage REPRO included

MFP Repro solutions includes Nextimage REPRO edition.
A license for Nextimage can be installed on as many workstations as needed.

Nextimage REPRO Key features

  • SnapScan: Scan - Enhance - Save
  • Integrated Multi-Function Software
  • Touch-screen compatible - perfect for MFP and ScanStation use
  • Scan to multipage PDF or TIF
  • Track scans and copies per account
  • Simple and Powerful GUI with clear controls
  • Real-time image adjustments – no re-scanning
  • Built-in printer support for HP, Canon, Epson, others
  • Batch mode for higher volume jobs
  • Auto file-naming templates for easy indexing
  • Scan-to-email sends images to anyone, anywhereNI5TopImageWebsite.png
  • ICC and Closed-Loop Color copying
  • Auto palette creation for 8-bit indexed scanning

Large format printer support

The MFP Repro solutions include the full Nextimage5 Repro Software with support for an extensive range of large format printers.

Click here for the full list of printers supported with NextImage5 Repro.

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