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IQ Quattro X 44 Scanners or HD Ultra X 36, 42 and 60 ScannersSMALLIQQuattroScanStationPro

Scan to File or Scan to Print

 The ScanStation Pro solutions are designed for productivity by reducing scan time with fast scanners and scanning processes.

With Contex designed imaging technology, document handling, archiving and productivity-boosting features, you get best-in-class image quality and full scan, copy, file and archive of wide format images, drawings, documents and records.

ScanStation Pro includes highest speed New IQ Quattro X 44 inch scanners and the HD Ultra X 36",  42" and HD Ultra X 6000 60" Ultra Wide scanners.Contex Windows11


HD Ultra X 6000 ScanStation PRO

HD Ultra ScanStation PRO no document

Key featuresHD Ultra ScanStation PRO TX3000

    • Production scanner with High or Low stand and 21.5-inch touch monitor.
    • Includes the latest Nextimage5 Repro (Scan and Copy) full productivity software
    • In Repro environments supports a full range of large format printers- see link below.
    • Preview, crop and adjust scans with professional image controls
    • Batch mode for higher volume jobs

Contex Productivity Technology

In any productivity workflow the actual scanning is only a small part of the process.
Preparation before scanning and Validation and Archiving after scanning can be very time consuming.

The ScanStation Pro has the option of choosing the 'Best in Class' of either;

      • CIS technology with the IQ Quattro X 44 -inch scanners for high speed and sharp lines,
      • the  HD Ultra X 36-inch and 42-inch - CCD for quality graphics images and colour capture,
      • the Ultra X 6000 60-inch wide scanner for when CCD ultra wide scanning is required.

Full Nextimage5 Repro and 21.5" Touch monitor included


The Contex ScanStation includes a high-volume scanner, full Nextimage Repro scan and copy software and a height adjustable stand with a 21.5-inch touch monitor.

Just add a PC Controller - option available.

Large format printer supportSMALLHDUltraScanStationPRO HP PageWide

The ScanStation Pro solutions include the full Nextimage5 Repro Software with support for an extensive range of large format printers turning the scanner into a true CopyStation.

Click here for the full list of printers supported with NextImage5 Repro.


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