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The First True Large Format Desktop Scanner

Includes NextImage Free scanning software

SD OneCentred

SD One is the first true desktop large format scanner with lightweight construction and full software support so no compromise on functionality.
Save space and time scanning oversized engineering and construction drawings in-house and although includes a lite version - NextImage Free - can also work with the full versions - NextImage Scan and Archive or NextImage Repro.
Available in 24" and 36" models. Affordable by everyone.

As-builts, documentation and rebuilt

All projects include numerous design documents and continuous changes.
With SD One you capture and document changes and as-builts.

Space-saving and light weight

SD One’s lightweight and compact design it is a must-have scanner for any office that wants to share and move a scanner between multiple users or store it when it is not required.

Capture all you document types

Scan and capture all your engineering or construction plans in standard file formats directly into your project folders.

Share enabled

The SD One includes NextImage Free Software which includes the option to share documents directly to your preferred destinations.

Cloud Destinations

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