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Scan right in your office.


Contex SD 3690+ packs a huge amount of wide format value into its compact 36", portable package.

With its lightweight yet robust design, exceptional ease of use and very attractive price, it is a must-have scanner for any office that wants to save time and money by scanning maps and technical drawings in-house.

With the SD 3690+, anyone in your office can now scan wide format documents for copying, sharing and collaborating.
You’ll save time and money by handling oversized documents in-house.
You will also benefit from unmatched ease of use, consistent high quality, and enhanced productivity—all at an affordable price.

Unibody CIS TechnologyUnibodyFade

Contex patented Unibody CIS technology, a unique image-capture design, based on a single aluminium extrusion and custom CIS modules ensuring market leading accuracy in every image.

Improve your workflow and communicate effectively

Avoid delays and save on courier and out-of-house printing expenses.
This professional sheet-feed plug‘n’play scanner fits with your existing software and printers.
Get precise, accurate images with high 1200 DPI optical resolution and save on file space with intelligent 8-bit indexed colour capture – ideal for archiving many types of files.
Also available as MFP solutions with your existing printer for easy scan-to-copy.

Work faster and save money

Work faster and save money by scanning and copying wide format drawings, plans, and technical documents right where you work.
Scan changes to drawings, documents, and blueprints and e-mail to clients and colleagues instantly.
Using simple one-touch buttons you can scan directly over the network to your desk and continue working instantly.
This scanner is a table model and will fit directly on any office desk as well as on the ergonomic height adjustable stand.

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