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IQ Quattro scanners are ideal for technical documents in project workgroups.
Scan documents and enhance your files in AutoCAD, ESRI and other applications.
Share your scans through PageDrop cloud solution.

Rugged and reliable with Gigabit Ethernet, the Contex IQ Quattro series large format scanners are easy to use and designed to fit your multi-site project workflows.

Contex IQ Quattro scanners are ideal for project workgroups.
Scan documents and enhance your files in AutoCAD, ESRI and others.
Share through cloud solution.


Spend less time scanning and instead focus on what matters to you.
Scan A1 / D-size (24 inch) color documents in just 5 seconds and get all the details you need.


Works the way you do.
Collaborating with large plans and documents suddenly becomes a seamless part of your day-to-day operation.
IQ Quattro is networked with your entire workgroup and Cloud enabled so anybody in your project team can use it from their smartphone.


Shadows and unwanted background are suppressed leaving you with crisp, sharp and natural scans – ready to be used in your continued workflow.

Unique technology:

CleanScan CIS modules, superfast Ethernet and award-winning Nextimage software, Contex IQ Quattro is the leading scanner for technical projects.

PageDrop Enabled

Any PageDrop enabled Contex scanner can send documents directly to your preferred destinations.
PageDrop does not require a PC but needs to be connected to a web enabled network.
Instead it simply utilizes your smart phone or tablet to control the process.
Load the document, scan the QR code, and send the document directly to your desired destination.


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