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The ever increasing demand for digital data and online information made easily accessible with smart phones, tablets, electronic readers, pc’s makes it a good time to unlock valuable book archives and bring them into the digital era.

Allied Images are able to use our full range of Atiz BookDrive Book Scanners to capture books from small to large.

All scanners have a V cradle to ensure care is taken with the binding of the book.

All book sizes handled with care.P6

Whether for Archiving, Security, Sharing, Re-Printing, Publishing or for simply ease of access, Allied Images professional scanning service is equipped to capture virtually any size of book.
Our equipment can scan from the smallest to very large oversize books.
Our scanners are designed to handle books with care ensuring they are not damaged unlike other processes having to remove the bindings to capture the books virtually destroying them.

V Shape Cradle

Books are not stressed but held in a V shape cradle to protect the spine. minimising how far the book has to be opened.
Pages are manually handled with care, monitoring each page as it is turned and captured.
Captured pages can be processed and the original quality improved for example replacing a yellowing background page with white.

Multiple Formats

Books can be saved in multipage pdf, tif, ePUB and other file formats.
Prices can start from as little as 10p per page.
We offer a very flexible and tailored service to meet your specific requirements
To test the service we’ll scan you 50 pages free into the format of your choice.
Please call or email us to discuss our service and how we can help you.
You are welcome to visit our offices.

Trade Scanning

Scanning bureau customers may sometimes need the specialist services of Allied Images with originals that cannot be scanned with their scanners. Contact us for details.

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